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You asked for it, so now it is here (again).  My pet gallery is online for your perusal.  Should you desire to be featured in it, there are rules and regulations that you must first adhere to.  In other words, before you pose and expose there are some formalities, like my tests which you must pass first.  No one gets to wear the title of Miss X's pet until I have approved you.   If you or someone you love want to be featured as one of my pets to be displayed, write me and we shall see what happens.  I am thinking of also including a bio on each pet.  Be sure to tell me a little about yourself and why you would make the perfect pet for Miss X.



Yes, yes, I know. It has been quite sometime since my last diary entry.  Well, good things come to those who wait, and wait you have for long enough.  This post is about that fun pastime I like to call sex-camming or webcamming.  Some earn money doing it.  I call them camwhores.  Others just have fun.  I call them just plain whores.  I like the last ones best.  *smiles*.   But as many of you know, I despise sitting, eyes plastered to my computer's screen, waiting for some guy to "finish" his show.  Marathon wank sessions do not turn on women, or rather real women.  But many of you guys out there either do not care or do not know this yet.  I think it's cool and sexy to show off for both sexes, but when you claim to ONLY want women viewers yet you manage only to get it up and cum for male viewers, you make my right eyebrow rise.  And yes, I absolutely adore my gay, bisexual, and lesbian followers.  It's those shy closeted ones out there that I'm still wondering about.   Anyway,  back to webcamming.  I had the pleasant AND RARE opportunity to actually witness a webcam cumshot, 3 in fact by 3 wonderful guys.  They are latinoboytoy84, fradfordm and greeneyedguy919.  The last 2 are total exhibitionists.  They asked that I post their pix in my blog.  As you know I normally would not capture anyone, but they live to be displayed, and I am happy to make my blog space available to a willing ADULT show off.  Latinoboytoy84 put on a VERY intense jackoff show with flair and charm.  I enjoyed it immensely.  He loves a mixed crowd and they were having a blast watching him at play.  (No, there are no pix available.  You are going to watch him "envivo only" as I did.  By the way, he has the lovliest "assets"  Be sure to tip him too!).

I might be picking up a new slave trainee.  He lives in Germany and he seems very willing.  We shall see.  In the meantime, what's going on with my pets?  So far pet26 and slutbitch (pet 27) have remained loyal as well as active with their pic posting and videos.  pet27 has slacked off some, so I am going to have to spank him back into action I see.  Stay tuned for their upcoming gallery.  It is of course personalized for my pleasure and your entertainment.


Kisses to all you lowly, lovely subs, sluts and sexy ones.  I finally am taking some time to update my diary.  Hey, I've been a busy Mistress.  I do have to pay the rent too. :)   So what is "on again"?  It's the battle of the pets!  Pet26 (johnkyle), Pet27 (alex), and Pet28 (ericbitch) are all in the running to be my number #1 pet of the year.  Their performances and ability to satisfy my every desire (plus your votes) shall determine who is going to win the honor of "Miss X's Pet of the Year".   Look for my next updates with pix from Alex of Hamburg and Ericbitch!  They plan to send me their absolute best, so come on ladies, trannies, and guys prepare to encourage them on.



heels on cockYou begged for it and so it is back by popular demand.  In the meantime, I am working on making a form for my website so you can simply fill it out on the site and SUBMIT your pet slave applications without having to download, print, scan...blah blah.... For now, do it, download the pdf form, read it sign it send it back by email to me!

Ciao xoxoxox



Hello Fans, pets and submissives
Yes, it has been awhile since writing on my diary blog...or is it DLog?  I have received lots of mail from guys wanting to pose (most of them chicken out) and from adoring pets who love to show off for me.  One of my favorites is John Saint.  He lives in Europe (no, I am not saying where).  He is adorable and his cock just loves to be edged until he cannot hold back, well that's what I hear anyway.  Tongue out John has not sent me any pix to post but I thought I'd mention him just the same.  Meanwhile I have also heard from one of my long lost pets, "John-Kyle".  He has been busy practicing on how to maintain those fountain-size cumloads that he always delivers.  That's what he tells me, and I believe him.   So in the meantime lovelies feast your eyes on my latest conquest. He is a slave for submission, torture, cbt and humiliation.  He also practices a form of Tantra with weights on his cock.  That's him in the photo. He hails from Germany too!  Post your opinions and ideas for me to have him perform.  Can you beat him?  I mean that in the competitive manner not like flogging! LOL   Until I return to USA, ciao.   (If you care to pose, and you have the funds, and you live in Germany, email me).

P.S.  Where are my cuckolds, moneyslaves and servants to make tributes??? Click that Damn Donate button my bitches and tribute to your Goddess! (or buy my DVD film)


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